The most effective way to train technicians in your garage

With the rapid rate of change in technology occurring in the automotive industry, training has never been more important to motor vehicle repairers.

Why is Training Important?

Even entry level vehicles now carry more technology than top range vehicles did a few short years ago. Motorists have long preferred independent garages, for the reasons of convenience, service and most of all trust. Your customers expect that you will continue to service and maintain their vehicles into the future.

AutoMate training is designed to help you to meet the challenge of rapidly changing technology by delivering effective and affordable on-line video-based training anytime, anywhere on any internet connected device.

Why Train With AutoMate?

Each week we deliver two new training modules covering a wide range of technical subjects. As an AutoMate member you can access each module as often as you need. There are over 250 training modules available right now. Each module comprises an optional knowledge check so you can measure what you have learnt.
You can use AutoMate in your garage to create an ongoing structured training program or for on-demand training when a technician is confronted witha particular technical issue.
AutoMate is simply the best Automotive Technical training available.

Automotive industry professionals from around the world rely on AutoMate training to keep them up to date with the latest vehicle technology.


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