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Ever thought of asking a VW technician what a typical airflow reading should be on a BMW?’ They would say they don’t know… The independent repairer has hundreds of different variants from different brands coming at him every day… It would be unfair to expect one person to understand every value and data reading from a vehicle, that would be like being able speak every language in the world ! That’s over 7000!

For instance, the latest version of the chassis that underpins the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf will spawn 310 different variations across all of Volkswagen Group’s car brands. A variation might have such minor differences as a transmission or interior trim. And that is one Golf!

  • Choice of training that will REALLY assist with their needs
  • Choice of training seminars that can really help hone their focus on training, diagnsotics and team development
  • Choice to participate on organised tours to see Automotive events around the World
  • Choice to acquire the right tools for the job

A growing group of workshops experiencing support from trained technicians. Like having a Mastertech for each brand in a cupboard at your call.
In business for yourself but not by yourself, with technical support.
Fixing cars deliberately is knowing what you’re doing… It grows confidence, business and pride.
The more time goes by, the more clearer it becomes to be compliant and work with OEM.

We offer Choice & Solutions for the professional repairer

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