Hanatech Leak Detector

Hanatech Leak Detector

$1,895.00 +GST

This quality product offers you a low tech / high tech solution with great new features.

It represents fantastic value for money and will give you cost and labor time savings for years to come.

Vacuum Leaks: hoses, gaskets, valves, diaphragms, choke pull-offs, heated air intake control and diaphragm systems, EGR hoses, and controls.

Exhaust Leaks: manifold cracks, EGR valve feed tubes and passages, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, muffler, heat control valves, and crossover passages.

Plus: Injector system leaks, evaporator control system leaks, oil leaks, under dash vacuum leaks, brake booster system leaks, head gasket leaks, cylinder leakage, air and water leaks, turbo/super charger system leaks and component replacements test prior to installation.

Variable Pressure Control

A great new feature – excessive or insufficient smoke pressure may result in incorrect diagnosis or even result in damage to a system.

The Hanatech Leak Detector variable pressure control allows you the freedom to adjust the pressure level at the turn of a knob.

Adjust the pressure to suit the application and the high quality gauge will lead you in the right direction to quickly find the leak.

Remember, low pressure smoke cannot always find the leak!


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