GYS Startpack Truck

GYS Startpack Truck

$725.00 +GST

2 in 1 : Starter 12&24V & Power Supply.
• Instantaneous start.
• LED light.
• 12V DC power supply

STARTpack TRUCK instantaneously starts trucks, cars, camper vans, vans, petrol or diesel (Starting current 750A/3200A in 12V and 650A/1600A in 24V for peak current

The two integrated 22Ah batteries turn the STARTpack TRUCK into a powerful portable 12V DC power supply very useful for many electrical devices: TVs, lights, laptops, etc…

Suitable for use at night or in low-light environments, the STARTpack TRUCK incorporates a light comprised of 7 powerful LEDs (7x 3.6W).

Automatic charger 230V /12V Floating: to charge the internal battery unsupervised.
– Charge the battery up to 100%, maximising its life and efficiency.
– Can be left permanently to the main (Gyspack has to be charged after each operation).
Integrated tester to check the level of charge of the internal battery.
ON/OFF switch button, to avoid misuse.
Alarm beep in case of reversed polarity.
Copper cables 2 x 1.80m, ø 25mm² with isolated 600 A clamps.
Equipped with an easily replaceable external fuse (replacement fuse included).

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