G7 Carbon Cleaning Machine

G7 Carbon Cleaning Machine

$2,595.00 +GST

This is a mighty machine that has substantial power and creates higher hydrogen output than our G6 machine.! Its a good size unit suited for mobile operations and workshops where space is tight. Very light in weight but also a very powerful machine! The new G7 also produces more purer hydrogen thanks to its new cell structure in the tanks along with a super uprated electronics power board that self regulates the power flow. The tanks life spans have drastically been improved. This means that the G7 is capable of doing clean after clean without dropping in performance.  Check out our reviews on Facebook!

If your’re thinking about getting into the carbon cleaning business then this is the machine to do it. Don’t be put off with its size. This has state of the art custom built internals. With upgraded circuit boards for higher voltage and uprated pressure vessels, which are made in Germany with powerful wet cells for the production of hydrogen. It has a range of safety features such as cross polarity protection, over heating detection, automatic shutdown and fuse protection.

The G7 machine has been CAD designed for maximum airflow which cools down the hydrogen tank. Meaning it can run for longer periods of time whilst producing pure hydrogen. It also has very low power consumption due to its efficiency of its cells and upgraded circuit boards. The machine also has cooling fans built in, which is constantly on when the machine is running. This helps with the ventilation and cooling the highly modified circuits boards.The main frame is light weight steel, which is then powder coated. This light weight steel also helps with cooling to how it was designed. All in all this beautifully CAD designed machine has been built for the pure purpose of creating the hydrogen for cleaning carbon out of vehicles. This machine is a marvel and you will get nothing but smiling customers year after year!

Along with our machine you will also need our specially blended KoH crystal mix, this is what produces the purest hydrogen. Our crystals are like no other. It has taken us 2 years just to develop this blend alone! But you have to remember the KoH crystals are the most important part of any carbon cleaning machine. If you buy a cheaper KoH product, they will produce far less hydrogen. So rest assure when buying our machine or KoH mix you are buying the best! We use an electrolyte like Koh for our machines because its the best way to create the most purest hydrogen available.

We also use a wet cell system compared to other dry cell systems out there. A wet cell system is a high energy density system. Dry cell systems trap electrolytes and restrict them from flowing freely, which in turn are more easily damaged. They will need more regular maintenance and parts need to be cleaned regularly. Whereas wet cell system likes ours are more robust, they do not need regular maintenance like a dry cell system. Wet cells can tolerant pressures and use over time. So they will produce pure hydrogen time after time, superior deep cycle life. This is why we give 2 years warranty with our machine, as we believe in the quality of the cells they are pretty much maintenance free!

You can purchase our KoH crystals from our online shop. These crystals will need to be mixed in distilled water to create your 1 litre solution needed in the tank. Soon as you add the crystals into the distilled water, they will dissolve instantly. This solution is needed to create pure hydrogen to carbon clean. Each tank full will do 150 carbon cleans! So each carbon clean costs on average of £0.07 per clean.  NOTE: Do not use tap water as this can cause the cells to fur up and will limit hydrogen production.

Its a very easy to use machine! It runs on 240v mains power or can be used on a 1000 watt inverter and then connected to the car battery. Simply start the car (engine will need to warm – normal operating temperature) and connect the hose to the air intake. You may need to undo a cir-clip or band in order for the hose to slip into the air intake. After approx 30-60mins (Vehicle engine size dependant) the carbon clean cycle is completed. You will notice during the cleaning cycle that the engine will quieten down and when you take it for a test drive it will have restored some BHP. So you will notice the vehicle pick up. But overall you will have better MPG, emissions, better acceleration, smoother ride and a healthy running engine!


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