Bead Bazooka

Bead Bazooka

$895.00 +GST

Gaither’s revolutionary Bead Bazooka combines the unique rapid air release technology and easiest-to-handle tank for seating tubeless tyre beads. Simply fill the tank, aim the redesigned Double Barrel, and FIRE!! Automatic Rapid Air Release System makes it the most powerful inflation product in the market. 12L model offers more volume for use on difficult commercial truck, Ag, and OTR tyres. 2 Inch exhaust valve allows for optimal air flow from tank and increased efficiency. Patented 2 Inch Slotted Double Barrel (Jet Assisted Barrel) (patent #8,752,604) directs the air for best overall lift and creates natural effect that draws even more surrounding air into the tire chamber when fired. Lightweight (21 lbs.) reduces stress on technician compared to manual release tanks.

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