Air Conditioning Recycling System

Air Conditioning Recycling System

$4,495.00 +GST

Car air conditioning recycling systems deliver a profitable and productive solution for your workshop. Get your Workshop ready for the start of Summer and start increasing your turnover NOW!

* Automatic flushing
* Automatic recovering/recycling
* Automatic /manual used oil drain
* Automatic vacuum
* Automatic /manual new oil injection
* Automatic recharging with load cell
* Manual recharging with jar via the auxiliary port
* Maintenance message code display
* Maintenance procedures
* Data printing
* Database
* Electric scale calibration
* Parameter setting




  • Able to clean the pipeline of A/C system on-vehicle.
  • With a variety of cleaning mode.
  • Equipped with large-size observing widow with LED backlight.
  • Pressure gauges are installed vertically.
  • ¬†Special designed oil separator with patented technology.
  • With friendly interface.
  • With the auxiliary port

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